Photo Info:

Name: Brenna Adams

Occupation: Aspiring model 

Style: Grungy, hipster with a dash of boho

Location of shot: Abandoned house, Greenville NC


Instagram: @Brennlynne

Twitter: @Bren_adams

About Brenna

April 04, 2017

Sorry girls... but looking pretty and dolled up is easy. Anyone can fake that smile, suck in that gut, and look all giddy...but who can make looking distressed look so.....good? No one other than Bad Bad Brenna!

Why do I like exploring with Bren Bren so much you ask? Easy because her grunge style in my opinion is UNMATCHED. What business does she have lurking in this bando? None at all, but she looks as if she's been living here for decades. Her ability to adapt to her surroundings is instinctual, making our photo shoots run smoothly. While other models struggle working in grungy environments, Brenna ain't afraid to get dirty. Oh, and I rarely see her without her statement Doc Martens boots. 

Y'all stay tuned for more blogs of Brenna while I go get this girl a broom.